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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Horacio Quiroga .org, for people who share a passion for Quiroga and an enduring desire to understand and appreciate one of the greatest storyteller of the Spanish language.

Horacio Quiroga .org was officially established following a commemorative celebration of Quiroga’s birthday on December, 2011. Its roots, however, pass through a number of previous organizations, reaching back more than ten years earlier. It has grown into a nonprofit cultural organization dedicated to increasing the enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation of Horacio Quiroga’s works through performance, commentary, and educational activities. In addition, we continue to respond to as many inquires relating to Quiroga’s life and works as our resources permit. In a typical year, Horacio Quiroga .org receives dozens of letters from around the world, particularly from school children seeking general guidance for reports and other projects. Beginning in 2016, however, our primary means of providing information about Quiroga shifted to this website, which allows us to reach a far greater audience that any other means at our disposal. Horacio Quiroga .org is a legally established non-profit organization, incorporated in the department of Montevideo. We have no paid employees, relying purely on voluntary efforts.

By providing text for these essays, we hope to raise the level of scholarship available on the internet, especially in regard to Horacio Quiroga. It should be noted that many of the older articles are full of inaccuracies have been selected for historical value. Views expressed in these articles reflect the research and opinions of the authors. Anyone is free to use information from this site for any legitimate purpose without charge as long as sources are properly noted (wholesale lifting of our text or images, however, is not permitted — nor is the unacknowledged use of this material for student papers or commercial endeavors). Schools may print and distribute any number of copies of these materials for use in class without special permission. Although substantially complete, various parts of this site are still under construction, and new material is constantly being added. Providing comprehensive and reliable information takes time, so please bear with us.